Welcome to The Post It Perfectionist!

“Wow, those notes are amazing!”

“Can you send me your study guide for that?”

“How is your agenda so organized?”

“Are you sure you really need that many colors of pens?”

I’ve heard all of these things before. I’ll admit it: I’m an addict. If you leave me alone in the office supply aisle of Target, there’s no guarantee that I’ll emerge anytime soon. If you hand me a plain school agenda, I can assure you that it will promptly be replaced with something cuter. If (gasp) I make a mistake in a study guide I’m writing, I will instantly be armed with white-out or a fresh sheet of paper.

Does any of this sound like you, or someone you want to be? You’ve come to the right place. I’m a student and aspiring writer who created this blog to share a love of organization, good study habits, and brightly colored pens with the world. If you stick around, you’ll get a healthy dose of study tips, motivational quotes, office supplies, and organization. As a high school senior about to head to college, you’ll also get my take on the college application process and preparation for dorm life. Along the way we may get a little off topic, but I hope you’ll enjoy these forays into the fun and interesting.



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