The Target Dollar Spot

Dear Target Dollar Spot,

Anyone with a love of pens and stationary knows that the office-supply aisle of Target is a magical land full of beautiful colors and crisp white pages. But how many people know the glory of those two basket-filled rows at the front of the store? This “Dollar Spot” is full of cheap but valuable treasures. Although previously everything in you section was merely a dollar, the prices have increased for some things to allow for a wider variety of items…and I have no complaints! Now, in addition to my beloved random office supplies, I can find cute cups, electronic accessories, or graduation presents for my friends. Thank you, dollar spot, for fueling my impulse buys and making my desk as cute as can be.

Target Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot Favorites

  • Stationary: I stocked up on gorgeous dollar-spot thank-you notes to send my gratitude for all of my graduation gifts. Thanks for the help, Target! There are always a variety of designs, usually including colorful fronts with a message of “hello,” “hooray,” “thank you,” or just a blank face. With a pack of 8 (plus envelopes!) for just $1, needing to buy expensive stationary can wait until you’re a professional with a real job.
  • Notepads: Pictured, I have some cute black polka-dot post it notes (my favorite!) and a great weekly task pad. I also found some great sticky tabs in nice colors. Again, just $1!
  • Tiny Buckets: In my opinion, one of the crowning glories of the Target dollar spot. Use them to organize pens, markers, makeup brushes, desk supplies, anything! These tend to come out with new colors seasonally, and they’re always lovely. I have three sitting on my desk right now, and a couple more placed around my room. You better believe I’ll be organizing with these in college.
  • Travel cups: Tervis Tumblers are convenient, but they get expensive. Instead, why not try a cute cup from the Target Dollar Spot! There are travel straw cups like I’ve pictured above, but recently they also stocked quaint mason jar tumblers with gingham-printed lids. (When I went shopping with a friend, we bought out all 8 that they had in stock to use as grad gifts!)

On Pinterest? Here’s a pin-sized image for your convenience!

pinnable Dollar Spot


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