Happy Fourth of July!

4th 1

Happy Fourth of July from the Post-It Perfectionist!

For me, independence day is full of bare feet, cool nights, and hot grills. There’s something special about dressing up in good old red, white, & blue and celebrating with the country! The Fourth has no expectations or obligations, which sets it apart from holidays like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and even Christmas. Today is pure and unadulterated fun in the sun, and it can’t go wrong no matter how you spend it! Unless it rains. That really puts a damper on things.

When I was little, my Fourths were always spent at our neighborhood pool party and the nearby country club. Our neighborhood always had a parade: we happily decorated our bikes and bodies in patriotic hues, then marched down the street and back. After that we would head to the country club, and their party was a wonderland. Fluffy cotton candy, drippy sno-cones, an inflatable bouncy house, temporary tattoos, jewelry making, lawn races, and of course, plenty of swimming. After wearing ourselves (and our parents!) out, we would tote our sunburned faces and bursting pool bags over to my Grandma and Pepe’s for a classic Independence Day cookout. Once we polished off the last morsel, we would pile into cars and go and watch the fireworks on the golf course. My grandma would put her hands over my ears to block the noise and I would fall asleep in her arms. Since I’ve been older the Fourth has changed, but my love for it has not!

This year, I started my celebration early watching fireworks with friends on the 3rd! Today I’ll be enjoying some time with my family and watching some more fireworks. And, of course, enjoying a traditional American picnic! Note: this may or may not be my favorite part.

Do you love the Fourth of July as much as I do? What’s your favorite Fourth of July memory? Tell me in the comments!

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