Tips for Making a Summer Bucket List

summer time fine

It’s July 9th, which means I have exactly one month and two days until I move into my dorm room. That’s 33 days left for me to enjoy as much summer fun as I can before moving into my dorm room! To make sure I jam-pack my summer with everything I want to do, I always try to make a “Summer Bucket List.” Read on to see my instructions for making a list of your own, and to see the list I made!

How to Make a Summer Bucket List (1)

Here’s how I used this framework to make my own bucket list…

summer bucket list title

Go Somewhere New
See the Acropolis
Visit the Louvre
Eat gelato in Italy
Go to a drive-in movie
Explore Blueridge with friends
Fall in Love With Your Hometown
Go to the Stone Mountain Laser Show
Watch a Braves game
Have a picnic in a local park
Watch the clubhouse fireworks on the Fourth of July
Drink perfect sweet tea
Try a New Food
Try a new sushi restaurant
Try bubble tea
Try fish & chips in London
Be Productive
Clean out my closet
Read 10 books
Work on my blog
Pack for college
Get ready for Rush
Go Outside
Go to a farmer’s market
Go hiking
Go berry picking
Learn to waterski

Need more inspiration? Try some ideas from around the Internet…

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