Packing for Two Weeks in A Carry On…Part 2!

pinnable How I Packed for Europe

Three weeks ago, I shared my tips for how to pack all the clothes you need for two weeks in one carry-on suitcase. Read on to find out what else I packed, and how you can use these tips for your future travels!


I love cute shoes as much as the next girl, but when traveling in Europe, it’s important to prioritize function over fashion. You’ll likely be walking eight or more miles a day while you explore! On my trip, I brought a pair of Chacos (strappy sport sandals), a pair of comfortable black walking sandals with a supportive sole, and a pair of black ballet flats. I recommend varying the type of shoes you bring both in style and cut. My flats were a lifesaver when my feet got blisters!

I recommend bringing one pair of athletic shoes, one pair of comfortable walking shoes, and one pair of cute (but still functional!) shoes. Depending on the season you’re traveling, this could vary from sandals to boots.


I have a history of bad skin, so having decent makeup coverage while also packing light was crucial for me. I didn’t want to bring brushes or a glass bottle of foundation, so I searched around for another solution. With Sephora’s help, I found Lancome Miracle Cushion, a foundation that comes in a really unique applicator. This makeup was great for the trip, with light coverage and easy application, but now that I’m home the liquid already appears to be running dry. On top of my foundation I use L’Oreal True Match powder, which was been my favorite for years! For my eyes, I’m not very picky with my mascara, but my favorite eyeliner is a simple Ulta brand crayon in dark brown. My secret weapon? Laura Mercier’s caviar stick. With just a swipe, it instantly elevates your look! And with no risk of breaking powder or brushes to deal with, it’s the ultimate eyeshadow solution for travel.

I recommend bringing only the essentials you think you need. There’s no need to hide from the camera because you didn’t pack any makeup, but it’s also silly to bring your massive Naked palette and spend an hour crafting the perfect look! There’s plenty of adventure outside your hotel door, so keep your makeup simple and natural.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.43.59 PM

Everything Else

I used almost every one of these things while on my trip. Advil, bandaids, and sunscreen are an absolute necessity! If you’re out of the country, make sure to bring the correct adaptor. I was also very happy to have cough drops, eyedrops, a mini Febreeze, Tide To-Go, wet wipes, an eyemask, eardrops, and an umbrella. I never used the sewing kit, but it would’ve been great to have in case I needed it!

Other essentials include any prescription medications, your passport, the right currency, your wallet, camera, and phone/headphones.

Travel essentials...the extra little things you wouldn't think to pack!

And that’s it: everything I packed for my 17 day vacation to Europe. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the other post in this series to find out what clothes to pack.


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