The Rush Guide Roundup

A link roundup for some of the best rush guides on the internet! Use this list to help navigate sorority recruitment. So helpful! #rush #sorority

For many college students, fall of freshman year is Greek recruitment season. A week of waking up exorbitantly early, wearing dresses, applying layers and layers of makeup, all in an attempt to find your best friends/sorority sisters. Sound stressful to you? Same here. I haven’t gone through the process yet (two weeks left for me!) so I don’t have any advice…yet. Luckily, the Pinterest community is absolutely full of people who have been through the process and want to help you make a good impression. Check out the following links to see what they have to say…

Whether Greek Life is Right For You

5 Reasons to Join A Sorority @ Simple Southern Belle

Should You Go Greek? @ SR Trends

Is Greek Life Right For You? @ Sorority Sugar

Know the Process

Complete Guide to Sorority Rush @ Her Campus

Sorority Recruitment Tips @ Prep in Your Step

Rush Week Essentials @ Simple Southern Belle

The Resume and Rec Process

Preparing for Rush @ Simple Southern Belle

Rec Letter Connection @ Sorority Sugar

How to Write A Resume @ Seeking the South

What to Wear

Rush: Outfits @ Duchess of Plumewood

What to Wear During Recruitment @ Prep in Your Step

What to Wear @ SR Trends

What to Say (and what NOT to Say)

20 Questions to Ask During Rush @ Sorority Sugar

Recruitment Conversation All-Star Tips @ Sorority Secrets

Do’s and Don’t’s for PNMs @ Seeking the South

Top 18 Things Not To Say @ Her Campus

Don’t Forget

To check out information provided by your school about Sorority Recruitment! At my university, there’s an entire booklet/PDF devoted to getting girls through the process. Your school may have specific needs in terms of days or outfits, so it’s important to research.



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