Goodbye Summer

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Tips for Making a Summer Bucket List

summer time fine

It’s July 9th, which means I have exactly one month and two days until I move into my dorm room. That’s 33 days left for me to enjoy as much summer fun as I can before moving into my dorm room! To make sure I jam-pack my summer with everything I want to do, I always try to make a “Summer Bucket List.” Read on to see my instructions for making a list of your own, and to see the list I made!

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Packing in a Carry On: Part 1

pinnable How I Packed for Europe

As you may know from my recent post, Tips for Surviving Group Travel, I just spent two weeks in Europe on a school trip. Out of the thirty people in our group, I was one of only two people who carried on luggage instead of checking it. Why? I didn’t want to deal with my things being lost, or with lugging around a giant suitcase! Read on to see how I became a packing wizard…

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Top 10 Tips for Surviving Group Travel

Yesterday, I got home from a sixteen day journey throughout Europe. We galavanted through Greece, Italy, France, and England in search of culture, cathedrals, and cute boys. The trip was incredible, but it wasn’t a free-spirited whirlwind by any means. I traveled with a group of fellow art history students from my high school on an EF (Education First) run tour. As you can imagine, traveling in a group of 30 is VERY different than traveling with your family or studying abroad alone!

Here’s what I’ve learned about traveling with EF or any other large group…

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